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“The Evolution of the Real Estate Company”

  • In the past, the Consumer chose a Brokerage and the Brokerage assigned a REALTOR® to the Consumer. Today’s Consumer expects to choose their REALTOR®.
  • In the past, REALTORS® could only access data for their local area and therefore, would only deal locally. With greater access to information, REALTORS® now lists and sells anywhere in the GTA. However, even REALTORS® from large, franchised chains do not have 24-hour access to all the offices across the GTA as each franchised office is operated “independently”
  • Brokerages in the past provided 100% of the “support and services” required by their REALTORS®. Today, many Brokerages force their REALTORS® to “fend for themselves” for support services, for marketing tools, and training.

iPro is not just a new name, it’s a new business model designed for how Realtors and consumers conduct business today. iPro was designed in the “Digital Age… for the “Digital Age”. At iPro we have a vested interest in your success. While existing franchise models rest on their laurels and continue to collect high franchise fees for old business models, and while some newer independent models focus “only” on fees, iPro has introduced new technologies and marketing tools to help our Realtors “increase their income” while still “reducing their fees”. Decreasing expenses without increasing your income is short-sighted. At iPro our Realtors get the best of both worlds.

Welcome to the “Evolution of the Real Estate Company”